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Mind control in Ireland

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Police report log attached on website page on perps

Garda police ref number 17385956 names and address of perps on police report's

Testimony of targeted individuals world-wide

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Declaration of Human rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on December 10th, 1948, as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations

Article 1

-When children are born, they are free and each should be treated in the same way. They have reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a friendly manner Article 2 -- Everyone can claim the following rights, despite - a different sex - a different skin colour - speaking a different language - thinking different things - believing in another religion - owning more or less - being born in another social group - coming from another country. It also makes no difference whether the country you live in is independent or not. Article 3 -- You have the right to live, and to live in freedom and safety Article 4 -- Nobody has the right to treat you as his or her slave and you should not make anyone your slave Article 5 -- Nobody has the right to torture you Article 6 -- You should be legally protected in the same way everywhere, and like everyone else. Article 7 -- The law is the same for everyone; it should be applied in the same way to all. Article 8 -- You should be able to ask for legal help when the rights your country grants you are not respected. Article 9 -- Nobody has the right to put you in prison, to keep you there, or to send you away from your country unjustly, or without a good reason. Article 10 -- If you must go on trial this should be done in public. The people who try you should not let themselves be influenced by others. Article 11 -- You should be considered innocent until it can be proved that you are guilty. If you are accused of a crime, you should always have the right to defend yourself. Nobody has the right to condemn you and punish you for something you have not done. Article 12 -- You have the right to ask to be protected if someone tries to harm your good name, enter your house, open your letters, or bother you or your family without a good reason Article 13 -- You have the right to come and go as you wish within your country. You have the right to leave your country to go to another one; and you should be able to return to your country if you want. Article 14 -- If someone hurts you, you have the right to go to another country and ask it to protect you. You lose this right if you have killed someone and if you yourself do not respect what is written here. Article 15 -- You have the right to belong to a country and nobody can prevent you, without a good reason, from belonging to another country if you wish. Article 16 -- As soon as a person is legally entitled, he or she has the right to marry and have a family. Neither the colour of your skin, nor the country you come from nor your religion should be impediments to doing this. Men and women have the same rights when they are married and also when they are separated. Nobody should force a person to marry. The Government of your country should protect your family and its members. Article 17 -- You have the right to own things and nobody has the right to take these from you without a good reason. Article 18 -- You have the right to profess your religion freely, to change it, and to practise it either on your own or with other people. Article 19 -- You have the right to think what you want, and to say what you like, and nobody should forbid you from doing so. You should be able to share your ideas – also with people from any other country. Article 20 -- You have the right to organize peaceful meetings or to take part in meetings in a peaceful way. It is wrong to force someone to belong to a group. Article 21 -- You have the right to take part in your country’s political affairs either by belonging to the Government yourself of by choosing politicians who have the same ideas as you. Governments should be voted for regularly and voting should be secret. You should get a vote and all votes should be equal. You also have the same right to join the public service as anyone else. Article 22 -- The society in which you live should help you to develop and to make the most of all the advantages (culture, work, social welfare) that are offered to you and to all the men and women in your country. Article 23 -- You have the right to work, to be free to choose your work, and to get a salary that allows you to live and support your family. If a man and a woman do the same work, they should get the same pay. All people who work have the right to join together to defend their interests. Article 24 -- Each work day should not be too long, since everyone has the right to rest and should be able to take regular paid holidays. Article 25 -- You have the right to have whatever you need so that you and your family: do not fall ill; do not go hungry; have clothes and a house; and are helped if you are out of work, if you are ill, if you are old, if your wife or husband is dead, or if you do not earn a living for any other reason you cannot help. Both a mother who is going to have a baby and her baby should get special help. All children have the same rights, whether or not the mother is married. Article 26 -- You have the right to go to school and everyone should go to school. Primary schooling should be free. You should be able to learn a profession or continue your studies as far as you wish. At school, you should be able to develop all your talents and you should be taught to get on with others, whatever their race, their religion or the country they come from. Your parents have the right to choose how and what you will be taught at school. Article 27 -- You have the right to share in your community’s arts and sciences, and in any good they do. Your works as an artist, a writer or a scientist should be protected, and you should be able to benefit from them. Article 28 -- To make sure that your rights will be respected, there must be an “order” that can protect them. This “order” should be local and worldwide. Article 29 -- You have duties towards the community within which your personality can fully develop. The law should guarantee human rights. It should allow everyone to respect others and to be respected.

Article 30 -- No society and no human being in any part of the world should act in such a way as to destroy the rights that you have just been reading about.


Ireland you have breached every single one of these human rights abuses by sanctioning the targeting program on your own people



Targeted for the love of money

What is a target

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Targeted Individuals Awareness Menu +expandedcollapsed A highly illegal, government program is actively occurring in the United States, consisting of the covert torture of select, innocent citizens who are called “Targeted Individuals”. This torture is being accomplished through Organized Stalking and Remote Electromagnetic Weapons: Organized Stalking (aka Gangstalking): The 24/7 vehicular and personnel stalking/harassment by unknown community participants as well as some police officers. Organized stalking is meant to intimidate, harass, and mentally terrorize the targeted individual. Electromagnetic Weapons (aka Directed-Energy Weapons or Psycho-Electronic Weapons): Electromagnetic weapons function remotely, easily pass through the walls of buildings, and are used to torture the targeted individual in their own home (as well as other locations). These highly advanced weapons use different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to manipulate any part of the mind/body. Electromagnetic weapons are commonly used to inflict various types of pain to any part of the body, which is used to physically torture the targeted individual. These weapons can also modulate any bodily function. More shockingly, these weapons can read thoughts and even manipulate thoughts, memory, emotions, and behaviors (controlling the mind). Remote, electromagnetic mind control is used on more people than just targeted individuals. Documents detailing all of these capabilities of electromagnetic weapons leaked in 2018 from an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: . Some goals of the “targeted individual” program are to perform psychiatric fraud and induce suicide, refining the technology behind remote electromagnetic weapons in the process. . Credible Whistleblowers: Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA engineer, has declared that organized stalking, electromagnetic torture, and mind control are being used on targeted individuals. He has stated that the government remotely tortures innocent citizens through the use of electromagnetic weapons, having the ability to inflict extreme pain as well as insert sounds (including voices) into a person’s head. He also asserts that electromagnetic weapons have the ability to read thoughts and control the mind (inserting or blocking thoughts, manipulating emotion, blocking or falsifying memory, controlling dreams [which subliminally affects waking consciousness], and hacking into the five senses). He has said that the government uses the guise of mental illness as a cover story and that psychiatry has “no real science behind it.” Dr. Robert Duncan studied at Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth, and other universities. He has worked on projects for the CIA, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and NASA. . Dr. Paul Batcho, former DARPA senior scientist, has reported that electromagnetic torture and harassment are illegally being used on citizens, on a widespread basis, with harmful intentions. He also has stated that cell towers are weaponized to broadcast brain resonance frequencies that can disrupt human minds, classifying one aspect of the technology as “synthetic telepathy.” Dr. Paul Batcho holds a Ph.D. in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Princeton University. . Richard Lighthouse, former NASA engineer, asserts that the CIA and FBI are involved in the organized stalking and electromagnetic torture of thousands of innocent U.S. citizens (targeted individuals). He has stated that the government performs psychiatric fraud to maintain the torture program, convincing the public that targeted individuals are mentally unstable. He writes, “psychiatric diagnosis of mental disorders is a fraud; there are no chemical tests, no laboratory tests, no brain scan, no MRI, or no CAT scan that can define mental illness.” He believes that the electromagnetic attacks can come from cell towers, satellites, and drones. Richard Lighthouse holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. . Ted Gunderson, former FBI special agent, stated that organized stalking is an “ongoing, active, covert nationwide program that is in effect today”. He believed organized stalking has been operational since at least the early 1980’s and that “thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S.” Ted Gunderson published these statements in 2011 and passed away three months later. . Carl Clark, former CIA/MI5 operative, has stated he was involved in massively illegal operations such as performing organized stalking on victims and deploying electromagnetic weapons to anonymously inflict pain and terror. He has stated, “the undoubted goal is to have select people end up in psychiatric institutions. If a target seeks help by going to the police or to the doctor, they don’t get taken seriously.” . Geral Sosbee, former FBI special agent, believes that the FBI leads the process to wrongfully name innocent citizens as “suspected terrorists” or “criminals” and centrally command Department of Homeland Security Fusion Center contractors and local police to commit and condone the organized stalking and organized covert torture with stealth, electromagnetic weapons against them. He has stated that the CIA and FBI routinely torture, kill, falsely imprison, or force suicide upon targeted individuals using electromagnetic weapons. He has witnessed that the CIA and FBI inhumanely and regularly torture the targeted person and also force him/her to live under horrific conditions that could reasonably be expected to lead to suicide. . Karen Stewart, former NSA analyst, became a victim of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon attacks after voicing complaints that credit for her work had been stolen. She has exposed that government counter-terrorism agencies are deliberately creating false dossiers on innocent Americans (targeted individuals) to implement criminal programs of organized stalking and electromagnetic torture. She has stated that the perpetrators involved include the FBI and NSA. . Mark Phillips, former CIA operative, witnessed behavioral control programs that are being used to torture, exploit, and subjugate innocent U.S. citizens. He revealed that these torture and conditioning methods, studied in laboratories in the past, are now being applied remotely with electromagnetic weapons. . . William Binney, former NSA technical director, has stated on RT News that electromagnetic weapons give leverage into what people are thinking as well as have the capability to physically assault people through walls, using infrared to follow the individual around inside a building. . . Bryan Tew, former DoD contractor, has become a victim of organized stalking and electromagnetic torture after attempting to expose criminal behaviors of the FBI. He confirms that these electromagnetic weapons can target any part of the anatomy: inflicting pain, inducing high-pitched ringing in ears, and even manipulating a person’s memory and thought process. . . Barbara Hartwell, former CIA media propagandist, faced violent retaliation from exotic electromagnetic weapons upon becoming a whistleblower. She suffered brutal electromagnetic attacks which resulted in severe and unbearable pain in her head, violent/projectile vomiting, heart symptoms, and laser cuts/burns. She writes, “it is a well-known and prolifically documented fact that such electromagnetic weaponry exists and has been operational for decades, used by the military and intelligence agencies (including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, and DARPA).” She states that the CIA is heavily involved in illegal covert domestic operations, having no oversight. . Kirk Wiebe, former NSA intelligence analyst, has stated that electromagnetic weapons are being used to torture thousands of targeted individuals in an organized fashion. He supports the assertion that electromagnetic weapons can remotely manipulate the nervous system and influence actions. . . David Voigts, former U.S. Navy officer, discovered classified government programs that were illegally using electromagnetic weapons on U.S. citizens for subjugation, entrainment, experimentation, and retaliation. He has stated that these “illegal and unethical projects use non-consenting victims referred to as ‘targeted individuals’ to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim.” He has stated that the targeted individual program is a domestic torture program aimed at unsuspecting U.S. citizens. . Dr. Doug Rokke, former U.S. Army officer, has stated that electromagnetic weapons are real and illegal practices of the military have harmed civilians. . . Larry Richard, a police lieutenant of the Santa Cruz Police Department, has stated that the police are becoming more aware of organized stalking and that it is nothing new. . . More Information: “Treasonous policies have been put in place by the DoJ, FBI, law enforcement, Fusion Centers to legally permit covert use of radiation weapons and neuroweapons in vendetta, surveillance, non-consensual experimentation, electronic warfare field weapons testing on citizens. Targeted Individuals are written up with false dossiers submitted to the FISA Courts by a main Fusion Center, targeted, then viciously slandered, libeled, secretly declared without rights, then made prey to the predatory and bogus Homeland Security Department and affiliated FBI and Fusion Centers, who then use them for weapons testing and high tech non-consensual experimentations all under the pretext of being ‘terrorists’. Victims reporting of non-consensual neurotechnology experimentation are being peremptorily dismissed as paranoid and delusional, requiring psychiatric treatment with antipsychotics. Wrongful diagnoses of perfectly mentally well people reporting military technology use on them therefore is an ongoing subject of concern. Psychiatry becomes a tool of suppression of authentic reportage from the public in this scenario of non- consensual neuro/directed-energy weapon experimentation which thousands of Americans (and people worldwide) are reporting today. False diagnoses of paranoia, delusion, and mental illness by any standard can be seen by any of us to be reckless, irresponsible, and fraudulent in the extreme, but it is precisely this false reality construct (replete with false diagnoses by uninformed psychologists and psychiatrists) in this age of indisputable advancements in Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and CIA neurotechnologies and remote human access anti- personnel radar/sonic weapons that a collusion of ‘authorities’ with FBI in the lead and surely CIA and NSA in the wings, not to mention U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, JSOC (Joint Special Ops Command) et al. has succeeded treasonously in perpetrating on the American populace.” . In 2018, the Washington State Fusion Center (an agency of the U.S. government [Department of Homeland Security]) leaked documents detailing information on electromagnetic (psycho-electronic) weapons/remote mind control to a news organization

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Targeted individual documentary

victim wins court case

Mind control

Living life on the blacklist

Tactics of gang stalker's

Targeted individuals

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Dry tears

It's hard to write this let alone think it, we are born free happy and pure but for some of us the law forgot us for profit greed and sub humanism shit like mk ultra experimentation projects they sold our children even as I write this the circle of abuse continues every time I reported abuse I got sent right back to those hurting me, the police the politicians they all got profit from my targeting, they tortured me and my family to death the neighbours get recruited while the local drug dealers get a free pass capitalizing on the pain they made on vulnerable people while thinking they are immune to God's punishment. what I seen and suffered from being targeted , for anybody going through this pain and not believed especially when your a child and the system watches and allows it while profiting off your abuse, shame on them all

Shame on ireland for selling its people


To all targeted people, it's not your time to give up, let God decide we have endured to much bollox in this world Regards Laura 🇮🇪

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Covert stalking organised harassment

Assaulted arrested medically kidnapped

Medical team came uninvited at nightime and threw me into hospital for two weeks

Because the Irish government loves ya

Signed affidavit by solititor on organised harassment and racketeering detailed affidavit shortly

Affidavit organised Stalking harassment racketeering

Protest outside Google Dublin

Vaccines 💉 linked to autism

Protest bbc london to stop the targeting program

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Rest in peace Phil leak a true fighter

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"Did you know that madness sets you free? Otherwise, we’re just peasants obeying the law" 🙂 


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Watching our six every single day

Radiation torture (dew) directed energy weapons

The most powerful testimony,

Targeted people # we do not consent

Gretta Fahey fellow t.i

Symptoms of electronic harassment

You may be a victim of electronic harassment if You experience visual distortions and hallucinations. You experience manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and perceptions. You experience reading thoughts remotely, retrieving memories, implanting personalities. You experience debilitating mental acuity: inability to concentrate, disruption of ability to think rationally and independently. You experience loss of memory and knowledge. You experience Inadequate states, which targeted individuals have never experienced before (states of narcotic intoxication, depression, obsessive desires and so on). You experience blurred vision. You experience burning sensations on your skin or internal organs. – Excruciating, artificial pain in any part of the body, including heart attacks and other serious, medical conditions. You feel pin pricks on various parts of your body. – Cramps, seizures and spasms You feel some type of energy moving inside your body. You experience extreme head pains. You feel drop-in-your-tracks fatigue on a regular basis. You continually have difficulty sleeping. – Control of sleep patterns: sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep. You experience forced speech. – Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands. You experience uncontrolled-by-you movements of limbs or other body parts. You hear the voices of other people inside your mind with no other signs of mental illness. You hearing intense loud sound or electronic-sounding noise, often mistaken for tinnitus (microwave hearing). You hearing voices that sounds like chanting while an electrical machine is on (radio, fridge, electric fan, air conditioning, air vent). You hearing voices that sounds like chanting while water is running in sink, toilet bowl, faucet or shower. You experience Induced dreams – The induced dreams, incidentally, are also easy to obstruct. The activity occurs when you have reached the REM (rapid-eye movement) stage of sleep. Your brain, at that stage, is entrained by ELF, which deepens your sleep, thus eliminating the prospect of your being cognizant of the quasi subliminal auditory input being pumped into the back of your skull by bone-conducted means. The quasi-subliminal auditory input is what influences the course of your dreams. In a semi-conscious state, you can physically recognize this attempted input as resembling short-burst transmissions which, when impacting upon the back of your skull, create a hissing sound, rather like “PF-FFT! …PF-FFT!” at five-second intervals. This can be blocked. All that is required is that you protect the back of your skull with the aforementioned materials before you fall asleep, building a faraday cage, metal shielding, a frequency jammer, clothing to help reduce emf exposure 

Microwaves (dew), SCALER AND SONIC attacks are different types of weaponary used for electronic abuse

Organ harvesting illegally

Gangstalking is real

23 official mind control patents

 23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 – 2003) This page provides a table list of 23 key Mind Control Related Devices that have been issued patents from the U.S. Patent Office between 1956 and 2003

Many of these patents are Microwave Hearing based technology, used in electromagnetic mind control and Organized Stalking of Individuals With Directed Energy Weapons. Also see Targeting of Citizens with Microwave and Other Directed Energy Weapons. If you are not familiar with Microwave Hearing, aka The Frey Effect, watch this 4 minute video, Frey Microwave Hearing - Beam Voices Into Your Auditory Cortex. This is not a list of all patented mind control technology and devices in the United States. This is only some of them. See also Videos On Mind Control Weapons Technology. We know that at least one group, National Security Agency Devil Worshipers known to be working long range takeover plans here spanning several generations, planned to develop and use many of these technologies to mind control the planet, including the U.S. population. Video about these Satanic infiltrators follows the Table of Mind Control Devices. See also NSA Devil Worshipers Tagged Posts. These Satanic mind control monsters are still inside of our government today, running the show behind the shield of the National Security Act of 1947.

US Patent# Description Inventor Filed Issued US3014477 Hypnotic Inducer (Mind Control Machine) Carlin 1956 1961 US3060795 Apparatus For Producing Visual Stimulation (Subconscious Transmission via Movie Film) Corrigan et al 1958 1962 US3278676 Apparatus For Producing Visual and Auditory Stimulation (Subconscious Transmission via TV) Becker 1958 1966 US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device Flanagan 1962 1968 US3563246 Method and Apparatus For Improving Neural Performance In Human Subjects By Electrotherapy Puharich 1967 1971 US3629521 Hearing Systems (RF/Microwave) Puharich 1970 1971 US3712292 Method Of and Apparatus For Producing Swept Frequency Modulated Audio Signal Patterns For Inducing Sleep (Brain Frequencies Broadcast) Zentmayer, Jr. 1971 1973 US3884218 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Stages Of Sleep in the Human Being (FFR - Frequency Following Response Microwave) Monroe 1970 1975 US3951134 Apparatus and Method For Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves (RF/Electromagnetic Waves) Malech 1974 1976 US4395600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method (Subliminal Brainwash via Music or Other Sound) Lundy 1980 1983 US4717343 Method Of Changing A Person’s Behavior (Subconscious Brainwash via Video) Densky 1986 1988 US4777529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System (Silent Brainwash Via Music or Other Sound) Schultz/Dolejs 1987 1988 US4834701 Apparatus For Inducing Frequency Reduction In Brain Wave (FFR - Brain Frequencies Transmission) Masaki 1985 1989 US4858612 Hearing Device (Microwave Hearing) Stocklin 1983 1989 US4877027 Hearing System (Microwave Hearing via open air Broadcast) Brunkan 1988 1989 US5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System (aka Silent Sound - Microwave) Lowery 1989 1992 US5356368 Method Of and Apparatus For Inducing Desired States Of Consciousness (FFR/EEG Waveforms By Broadcast) Monroe 1991 1994 US5774088 Method and System For Warning Birds Of Hazards (Microwave Hearing) Kreithen 1997 1998 US5889870 Acoustic Heterodyne Device and Method (Ultrasound. Ventriloquist Effect.) Norris 1996 1999 US6011991 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity (Remote Viewing) Mardirossian 1998 2000 US6052336 Apparatus and Method Of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound As A Carrier (Ultrasound) Lowery 1998 2000 US6470214 Method and device For Implementing The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (Microwave Hearing) O’Loughlin/Loree 1992 2002 US6587729 Apparatus For Audibly Communicating Speech Using The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (Microwave Hearing voice to skull) v2k 

Patent number for mind control

Say no to torture and harassment

" the government tried to kill me because I was thinking 💭 too much" 

Targeted in 🇮🇪 Ireland 


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5g is a weapon 🔫

safety warning for the public Racketeering in Ireland human trafficking mk ultra fraud and illegal surveillance on men women and children for profit Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person's life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a "ganging up" by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic "terrorizing" of an individual. Organized gang stalking can involve a group in the hundreds to thousands harassing a single person or family 24/7. The victim is stalked en masse by car, foot, bike, and air in order alienate and isolate the victim. The goals of gang stalking are to: provoke the victim to assault someone and get arrested; make the victim seem delusional/ mentally ill (see "gaslighting"); make the victim so depressed they become suicidal. Tactics used are relentless color harassment, noise harassment, air harassment, hand signals, electronic monitoring inside the home and car (complete invasion of privacy; redirecting of phone calls, emails, postal mail), workplace mobbing, "directed conversation" and innuendo, erratic/ aggressive driving, bizarre/rude/bullying behavior in the community, and much more. Police and fire dept. are often involved in the stalking so the victim feels like they have nowhere to turn and it is hard to prove. This is extreme criminal activity that is becoming more common and needs to be outlawed property theft, life insurance , organ harvesting and human trafficking is involved and covered up by authorities please help to stop this crime by raising awareness please do your own investigating and put an end to this. This is global and anytone can become a victim

Targeted in Ireland youtube channel

Mind control tested on children

Surveillance state

Targeted individual awareness a struggle for survival freedom from covert harassment electronic torture and satanic ritual abuse overtly conducted on civilians globally 

A modern day prison planet

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Mind control in 🇮🇪 ireland

Mk ultra subject being targeted since birth by corrupt agencies for experimentation torture and satanic ritual abuse